PolyFinTech100 API Hackathon 2024

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API Hackathon 2024

^ Registration closes on 23 May 2024

What Is PolyFinTech100 API Hackathon?

The PolyFinTech100 API Hackathon aims to nurture FinTech talent to meet the rapidly changing needs of the financial services sector. We invite students from the 5 local polytechnics to propose ideas and develop FinTech prototypes to address real world problem statements. Category Champions will get to showcase their ideas at the Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF) 2024.

The Grand Finals for PolyFinTech100 API Hackathon will be held at Singapore Fintech Festival 2024 Talent Stage.


8 May 2024

Kick-Off Online

23 May 2024

Registration Close

31 May 2024

Results for Categories

19 to 20 Jun 2024

Sponsors Workshop (Online)

07 Jul 2024

Submission of Video Presentation and PowerPoint Slides

18 to 19 Jul 2024

Sponsor Clinic (Online)


Project Management Workshop (Online)


Learning Journey / Site Visit at Sponsor

14 Sep 2024

Category Finals in Temasek Polytechnic

06 Nov 2024

Grand Finals at Singapore Fintech Festival 2024

Hackathon Categories

Click on the image to download the problem statement for each of the categories.

Hackathon Categories

Augmented Reality sponsored by HSBC

In Augmented Reality (AR), computer generated images are superimposed onto our view of the real world, enhancing our perception of reality. AR has a wide range of applications, such as advertising, gaming, healthcare and tourism.

In order to further develop AR for FinTech, participants are invited to work on accessing financial products and services via AR headsets.

Decentralized Finance sponsored by Kaia (formerly Klaytn)

  • Build a Decentralized Finance Application/Protocol that redefines the future landscape of finance. (check out ideas slide coming up)
  • DeFi currently has an UX issue, it is not easy to use DeFi protocol.
    • Build a user-friendly interface, intuitive dashboard or mobile application on Klaytn blockchain which significantly encourages non-native web3 users and investors to participate
    • Make good use of publicly available libraries/solutions

RegTech sponsored by PayPal

As scams continue to evolve, it is crucial for seniors to stay vigilant and protect their personal and financial information in the digital world. Seniors should remain proactive and being alert to unusual activity in order to safeguard themselves against potential scams.

How might we use technology to combat the evolving threat of scams and promote a safe and secure digital environment particularly for seniors?

InsureTech sponsored by Prudential

How can we inspire and empower young individuals to proactively explore and purchase their first insurance policy, ensuring financial security and peace of mind as they embark on their life journey?

Sustainability in Eldercare sponsored by Singlife

Globally, there is a growing number of millennial population who are choosing healthy living now to minimise incidences of high medical costs in the future (Nielson, 2021). They are proactively managing their ageing journeys as they want to remain mobile and healthy in their later years to pursue their personal goals.

However, preparing to be a future senior goes beyond taking care of one’s physical well-being. The unpredictability of life emphasizes the importance of pre-planning for various scenarios that can happen.

Although guides and resources are increasingly available online, they are usually mentioned as a stand-alone piece or provided by different organisations. Readers are often left to their own devices to connect the dots and make sense of what they need.

Propose how Singlife can enhance preparation for elderhood across multiple unique generations by creating interactive and engaging self-discovery experiences digitally.

Judging Criteria

Your solution will be judged based on these six criteria
Investment Required
• How feasible and do you foresee a good future for adoption?
Originality & Creativity
• How creative was the team in developing a unique/innovative solution?
• Ability to clearly articulate the desired functions and ideas and outcomes of the project.
• Ability for team to reach a conclusion on the viability of the project.
Time frame (Time to market)
• How realistic are the timelines to bring product to market?
Needs for target segment
• Does it create an impact to the proposed target segment?


Grand Finals

The champions of each category will come together to compete to be the Grand Champion
at the Grand Finals during the Singapore FinTech Festival in November.

Grand Champion


1st Runner Up


2nd Runner Up




Category Finals

Each polytechnic will select the teams to compete in the Category Finals in September held at Temasek Polytechnic.
One champion from each category will advance to the Grand Finals to compete for the additional prizes on top of the category winnings.

5x Champion


5x Runner Up


5x Merit


Grand Sponsor

Platinum Sponsors

Participating Polytechnics

Check out more about the polytechnics participating this year!

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